Adele’s 25 Making Sales History, Set To Outpace *NSYNC

photo courtesy of XL/Columbia Records
We like Adele. We really, really like Adele...and apparently, so do you! The British singer is poised to make record sales history with her new album, 25. With more than 900,000 iTunes sales on its first day, as reported by Billboard, 25 is on course to achieve more than 2.5 million sales in its first week. Meaning right now — it just dropped yesterday! This projection is one for the history books, putting 25 above *NSYNC's No Strings Attached, which sold 2.42 million in its first week, back in 2000. Adele has a history of besting *NSYNC (sorry, guys). As noted by Slate, Justin Timberlake and his bandmates had 2000's best-selling album, No Strings Attached, but Adele's sophomore effort, 21, managed to garner the top-selling album title in both 2011 and 2012. Even better for Adele? Billboard reports that 25 could possibly sell 4 million copies by Christmas, so apparently, she's been a good girl this year. A big part of what makes Adele's music relatable to so many people is the lyrics, which clearly tug at our heartstrings in profound ways. Meanwhile, her mass music appeal, according to Joffrey Suprina, the national dean of the College of Behavioral Sciences for Argosy University, has as much to do with the vibration in her songs as it does with the poetry in her lyrics. "Music is vibration, as is emotion," says Suprina. "A powerful, emotional song is one where the lyrics, melody, vocal tone, and accompaniment tone are all congruent. That's where the emotional resonance comes from. One of the things that Adele does well is that she steers away from overproducing songs. It's raw; you feel like you’re in a small café as she’s singing. This allows us to have a strong connection with her." It's a formula that sure seems to be working.

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