One Woman’s Skinny Jeans Horror Story Got Her Sent To The ER

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Everyone's been there: You're standing in front of the mirror, trying to suck yourself into a pair of skinny jeans. After all, this wiggle dance required to slip on a pair of tight pants has long been considered just a necessary step in order to reap the flattering benefits of the trend...right? Not so, say medical experts. We already know that wearing too-tight trousers can cause problems down there for men, but there are some seriously scary effects from skinny jeans for women, too. In fact, CBS News reported that an Australian woman was recently sent to the ER, unable to walk due to leg damage caused by her skinny slacks. According to reports, the victim had been squatting in her jeans for hours on end while helping her friend move houses. After she returned home, her legs became numb, and she tripped and fell. She was eventually rushed to the hospital, where doctors had to cut off her pants in order to treat her. According to Jaydeep Bhatt, M.D., clinical assistant professor of neurology at NYU Langone Medical Center, "She wore such tight jeans that the muscles in her legs below her knees started to swell. That's what muscles do when they don't get blood. They start to burst, which is incredible." And because the denim didn't stretch, her condition became worse. "In this case, she got injured because a jean is not going to give in," Dr. Bhatt says. "It contained her expansion, or swelling, and she got injured." Of course, incidents like these are few and far between. But, discomfort aside, it's enough to persuade us to think twice the next time we try and maintain our position on pain pants... (CBS News)

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