Alert To Dudes In Skinny Jeans: Don't Mess Up Your Junk

Hey, cute hipster dudes. Not to hate, but those skinny jeans you suction yourself into on the regular might be causing some distress down there. In fact, the skintight denim can cause twisted testicles, bladder infections, and — that bane of all existence — urinary tract infections, according to The Telegraph. Ouch.
After surveying 2,000 Brit boys, the paper reports that a special task force is being set up to warn guys about the dangers of super-skinny slacks. Without room to, erm, maneuver, bacteria can build up and re-enter the body, and the restrictive pants can force discomfort.
Yet, the most notable factoid the survey revealed was that three out of 10 men have squished themselves in jeans, and almost half of the men questions admitted they sometimes sacrifice comfort over jeans. To which we say: Welcome to our world, boys. (The Telegraph)
Photo: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

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