What The Dads Of R29 Editors Really Want For Father’s Day

Who is one of the hardest people to go gift shopping for? Let's hear it for the dads! Father's Day is coming up, as is the all-too-common brain fart about knowing what to get the father figures in our lives that they will actually like. We're no strangers to coming up with thoughtful gifts for anyone on your list, including Dad, but this year we decided to try a new approach for finding gifts for the man who has everything: going straight to the source. We tapped the shopping editors of Refinery29 and the fathers in their lives to give the best advice on what real dads actually want as Father's Day gifts.

Whether you have Homer Simpson or Tony Soprano as a father, it's time to show them a token of your appreciation for dear old dad. From Father's Day gifts that fulfill a more practical use to accessories that snazz up their work day to ones that hold a more sentimental meaning, our dads (and father figures) have spoken. Here are their picks.

Victoria's Father

Courtesy Of Victoria Montalti
Father Of Victoria Montalti, Associate Affiliate Writer
Father's Interests/Hobbies
: Hanging out with/hosting friends and family, making specialty cocktails, driving his new Jeep, Pickleball, karaoke
What He Recommends: Cordless Leaf Blower
What He Has To Say: "No chords. No fuss. And because sweeping is overrated.”

“My dad does a lot of yard work, and since we have a lot of grass, that entails lawn mowing, weed whacking, and leaf blowing. Rather than having to stay a close distance to the house to use a corded leaf blower, this will make his life a bit easier, free of restrictions.” –Victoria Montalti

Alexandra's Father

Courtesy Of Alexandra Polk
Father Of Alexandra Polk, Affiliate Lifestyle Writer
Father's Interests/Hobbies
: Playing basketball, wine, exercising/ the gym, laughing at Facebook posts, motivational speakers/quotes, reading
What He Recommends: Personalized Spalding Basketball
What He Has To Say: "It’s not super costly, or fragile. It’s something that is durable that I can see whenever I go into my office."

“I got my dad this custom basketball for Father’s Day and it made him so happy! I suggest personalizing it with your dad’s high school nickname or something humorous-yet-heartwarming to make it extra special.” –Alexandra Polk

Becca's Father

Courtesy Of Becca Sax
Father Of Becca Sax, Affiliate Coordinator
Father's Interests/Hobbies
: Fishing, the Green Bay Packers, the Astros, going to the gym, tequila, Sade
What He Recommends: Dr.Fish Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combos
What He Has To Say: “Every dad loves the outdoors, and what’s better to do outdoors when it's not hunting season than to go fishing with his daughter?"

"My father loves the outdoors, he's a self-proclaimed outdoorsman who loves his friends. He spends all his free time fishing at his friends' property, researching the best gear to use on his next hunting trip, watching sports, or going on dates with my mom, thus, gift-giving is fairly straightforward. Even though my dad usually says "Every day is Father's Day," I like to get him a little something special to show my love. Usually, I go with clothing/accessories that have to do with outdoor activities or gear for his (and my) favorite sports teams. Always gotta support the 'Stros and Packers!" –Becca Sax

Marshall's Father

Courtesy Of Marshall Bright
Father Of Marshall Bright, Affiliate Editor
Father's Interests/Hobbies
: Wine, guitars, fishing, classic literature, logic puzzles
What He Recommends: Stone Crab Claws

"Every Father's Day, my dad asks for one thing: To be left alone with the U.S. Open. It’s free and easy, so we don’t complain. So instead of telling you what I’m getting him (nothing), I’ll tell you his best gift-giving trick: send really good food. He loves sending people stone crab claws for just about any reason (Birthday! Anniversary! Get well soon! He thinks you might enjoy some!) When I called him to ask about his best crab-giving tips, he did note that in June we are just past stone crab season, so why not send the ultimate summer crustacean treat, soft shell crab. If you haven’t ever eaten softshell crab, they are just regular blue crabs that have recently molted — something they only do in the warmer months, making them as elusive a seasonal delicacy as the perfect tomato or peach. They are also very easy to cook up (though my favorite way to eat them is deep-fried on a sandwich). Serve them with some fries or potato salad for an easy dish that still feels decadent." –Marshall Bright

Charlottes's Brother-in-Law

Brother-in-Law of Charlotte Lewis, Sexual Health & Wellness Writer
Brother-in-Law's Interests
: Golf, NFL, Survivor, marathon training, grilling, and Pelaton
What He Wants: Yeti Rambler 20 oz Travel Mug

"This gift was actually cheating because my BIL loves his Yeti mug so much that he got me one for my birthday when I lived with him. I’ve witnessed him and my sister physically fight over the mug when the other one is in the dishwasher, so getting him a special one, just for him, seemed like an obvious pick. I specifically like this one because it’s travel-safe, so you can drive with it, and it’s customizable with his name or fav sports team’s logo. And while they might seem pricey for a ~mug~ the temperature control abilities make it well worth the price." –Charlotte Lewis

Venus' Father

Father Of Venus Wong, Senior Travel Writer
Father's Interests/Hobbies
: Getting his steps in, drinking coffee, watching TV, experimenting with new dishes
What He Wants: The Jacket Maker The Captain Midnight Blue Leather Briefcase

"My dad loves staying busy and is all about efficiency. For his work as a high-school teacher and adjunct college professor, he likes to carry all his class materials in one single bag. His work bag of choice is a big canvas messenger (another Father’s Day gift from me several years ago), but it has seen better days. My plan is to upgrade him to this leather version, which comes with an array of practical compartments – pen holders, a laptop sleeve, and card slots – to hold his work essentials. I have a leather jacket from this brand and have been really impressed with the quality of its materials, so my hope is for this bag to weather lots of commutes, and win him loads of compliments along the way. 

He’s also a big instant coffee drinker and I’ve been trying to get him to appreciate more high-quality roasts for ages, sending him gifts like Italian moka pots and expensive ground coffee, but he prefers the convenience. I’m hoping Nguyen Coffee’s brew kit will be a convenient way for him to enjoy delicious drip coffee without all the hassle. Vietnamese coffee is the best in the world, in my humble opinion, and I can’t wait for my dad to get on board. I’m also planning on expanding his wine palette (we usually only drink homemade plum wine around the house), and First Leaf’s wine box subscription will introduce him to bottles from around the world based on his personal preferences. Finally, he’s big on going on runs after dinner, so this Lululemon metal vent tee will be perfect for keeping him cool and breezy." –Venus Wong
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