27 Rad Street-Style Snaps From L.A.’s Rose Bowl Flea Market

The trick to scoring a deal at the Rose Bowl Flea? Get there first. The early shopping is so valuable, in fact, that it'll even cost you more: It's $8 to get in after 9 a.m. (like any normal, sleep-loving human being would). But, it's $10 if you come by 8 a.m. (doable, we suppose) and $15 if you arrive around 7 a.m. (okay, that's getting early). And, if you want in from 5 to 7 a.m. (ouch!), that'll be $20.
The only problem with the early bird getting the worm? Yoga pants and a hoodie aren't exactly going to cut it, sartorially, once the sun comes up and the hordes of chic shoppers start strolling in. We stuck around from dawn till close last weekend to get the scoop on what the most stylish market-goers are wearing. Our advice for next month? Rise early, copy one of these looks, and get that worm while feelin' fresh — even though we all know you didn't shower.
The Rose Bowl Flea Market goes down on the second Sunday of every month in Pasadena, so mark your calendars and get all additional information you need on their website.