How To Make Your Stuffiest Blazer Cool, Courtesy Of Kate Moss

Photo: XPOS/AKM Images/GSI Media.
You most likely have an old tweed blazer in the depths of your closet. And, if you don’t, you undoubtedly have access to a dude — be it your best friend, dad, or brother — who does. Now’s the time to dig it out and dust it off. Kate Moss wore hers yesterday (a classic Stella McCartney number, but it looks as if she could have nabbed it from her grandpa), and we're definitely on board.

For an afternoon at Heathrow Airport, she employed one of the most reliable style tricks of all time: wear head-to-toe black and look like a million bucks without even trying. She tucked a high-neck crewneck top into skinny jeans — low-waisted, because she’s Kate Moss and she can do what she wants — then cinched it all up with an Isabel Marant belt. A tailored wool blazer may not be the most exciting outerwear around, but the way she styled it (unbuttoned, thigh-grazing, and nipped at the waist) made it timelessly cool. The slouchy ankle boots and circle shades don’t hurt, either. Here’s how to snag her look, low-waisted jeans and all.   
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Photo: XPOS/AKM Images/GSI Media.
Kate Moss was spotted at the airport in London wearing black jeans and Isabel Marant boots with a boxy Stella McCartney tweed blazer, which we should all be so lucky to have in our wardrobes.
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It’s safe to assume this one’s a lot more modern than that dusty number in the back of your closet (although that one could work in a pinch, too).
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Just because you’ve embraced the high-waisted trend for years doesn’t mean you should shy away from a lower rise.
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A bodysuit means you don’t have to worry about tucking in: It’s magic. (Now, there's just that bit about using the bathroom on the airplane…)
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The sneaky wedge will give you a little height without the discomfort of a heel.
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It’s a bit of a revelation to learn that Kate Moss occasionally travels with just a small carry-on.
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When you’re wearing a low-rise jeans, a good belt is essential — at least if you want them to, you know, stay on.
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Nothing else matters when your sunglasses are this flawless.

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