Alexa Chung Makes Overalls Work For A Meeting

Usually, when a celebrity decides to add “/designer” to her resume, she ends up slapping her name on a collection she’d never be caught dead wearing herself. (We’re not naming names.) Alexa Chung, however, is not one of those celebrities. 
For her collaboration with AG Jeans, Chung basically set out to make the clothes she wants to wear. Which means you, too, will want to wear them — because everything Alexa Chung wears is worth copying, immediately. Yesterday, Alexa was spotted heading to a lunch meeting wearing overalls of her own design, layered over a tailored oxford. Business casual has never looked so rad. Chung's teddy bear coat added a hint of playfulness — and, more importantly, a much-needed layer of warmth. A touch of subtle quirkiness came in the form of star-print glitter boots (straight off of Tommy Hilfiger’s runway) and Louis Vuitton’s twisted box bag. The result? Classic Alexa. And, classic you, too, when you get the look yourself.