#HeelConcept Proves You Can Make Shoes Out Of Literally Anything


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From Mario Testino’s effortlessly glam #TowelSeries to
that #EvaChenPose to the
arguably OG-est of Insta-memes, #WokeUpLikeThis,
fashion’s love affair with viral hashtags clearly runs deep. And, the
Internet’s latest hashtag-able obsession just might be the most
unusual one yet: Rather than no-makeup selfies or designer accessories, the
impromptu photo shoot involves transforming random household items into
makeshift high heels.

Called #HeelConcept, this DIY take
on the shoe features an arched (often bare, often male) foot perched atop unexpected
objects like bananas, soup cans, toy cars, and even doughnuts. The idea is the
brainchild of 25-year-old artist Misty Pollen, who told WWD that she was searching for a way to showcase “personal adornment through the
logic of social media."


Pollen is clearly on to something,
because this hashtag now includes more than 650 posts and
counting. While we admire the willpower of the participants not to indulge in all their food
props (those doughnuts are tempting…) and appreciate their creativity to transform
everything from computer cords to Nutella jars into a high-heel silhouette, what we love most about the movement is that it's a fresh means for innovative self-expression.

孫家$600$500$400的棗子 #heelconcept

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For some, it’s a chance to offer commentary on traditional gender roles. As participant
Vince Patt explained, “I think this comes at a funny time when men are feeling
more comfortable wearing heels and entering into that space of women’s
footwear. The distinction between the two is starting to fall apart.”  

for others, it’s as simple as having fun
with fashion and making statement heels accessible for everyone
(regardless of whether you can wear them in real life). After all,
designers like Charlotte
Olympia and Alexander McQueen are already beloved for their crazy-cool
footwear. Click through the #HeelConcept hashtag to see how these
Instagrammers are taking things one step further. (WWD )

WALKING ON BROKEN GLASS #heelconcept #whattheheel #artheel #bodyparts #feet #shatteredglass

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