Why The #EvaChenPose Is Much Harder Than It Looks

You know the stance: legs crossed, bag nestled in the corner, and an apple perched carefully on top — then snapped from the backseat of a New York taxi. It may look easy, but Lucky magazine's editor-in-chief Eva Chen assures us her daily poses and posts take some effort.
Chen has been sharing pictures of her morning commute with her over 249,000 Instagram followers for a couple of years now. While now pretty routine, Chen says the trend started reluctantly. "It was something I knew I could do every day in a very manageable way. I take a cab to work almost every day, so basically, I was like, 'Oh, these are the shoes I’m wearing.' And, it just started happening more and more."
After her assistant "peer-pressured" her into tagging the pictures #EvaChenPose, Chen embraced it — and it blew up. Search for #EvaChenPose on Instagram and you'll get over 800 results — only a fraction of which are hers.
"It just kind of took a life of its own that is completely bewildering to me. But, [it's] super flattering.” Not only is it a peek into the editor's closet, but it's also become a vehicle for important life updates.
You too can do the #EvaChenPose. But, before you order an Uber, you've got to pick the right accessories. Lucky's EIC has enviable taste and a knack for high-low styling, pairing Zara with Hermès and Proenza Schouler. "I try not to do it for the sake of doing it. It has to be something pretty, even if it is a pair of bumpy Birkenstocks.” Once you've got the subjects and you're in a cab, that's when the magic happens.
The first rule is: safety before everything. "Wait until you have a red light," Chen stresses. But, holding out to a full stop has practical reasons, too: "Balancing that apple — and sometimes balancing those sunglasses — can be pretty tricky." Don't mess with gravity, folks. Once you've arranged your accessories, crack open a window to let in natural light, and assume the photo position.
Chen usually sits towards the front of the right side of the bench. Her bag goes diagonal, "nestled in the back left of the seat." This is when the red light becomes key: You balance yourself on the edge of the seat, "hold your feet up so your legs don’t look too smooshy," and then snap the picture. “There is a core workout element to it as well. So, it’s kind of like a funny thing. It’s not as easy as it looks.”
While the #EvaChenPose is "pretty intuitive" for her, Chen shares some other tidbits and anecdotes that'll help you nail the pose every time. Ahead, some other nuggets of wisdom from Eva, as well as our favorite #EvaChenPoses.

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