Kylie Jenner Wears Leggings To Lunch, Just Like You

Kendall Jenner spent January very much in the spotlight, walking runways and landing campaigns right and left. Little sister Kylie, on the other hand, has been laying comparatively low. Who can blame her? Her family’s splashed across every tabloid cover on newsstands right now. She may have escaped the paparazzi’s lens for the last few weeks, but the littlest Jenner finally reemerged yesterday to grab lunch in Los Angeles.
Keeping things super low-key, she wore ribbed leggings and a belted moto jacket. And, despite doubling up on biker-inspired pieces, she arrived in her Range Rover and not, as one might assume, on a Harley. She balanced out the spandex pants — while handily dismissing the silly no-leggings-as-pants rule — with a gunmetal-gray tunic T-shirt. Classic combat boots and mirrored aviators topped off the look, while a gaggle of shiny necklaces provided just enough glamour to remind you that she is, in fact, related to Kim. 
Here’s hoping Kylie won’t take another break from the public eye anytime soon; outfits like this are too good to keep behind closed doors.