The Blizzard: How To Deal, What To Do

Is it possible to, um, make a snow day happen? Just in case, can you do us a favor? Can you close your eyes and imagine yourself: It's this time tomorrow and you're still in your pajamas and you're watching Ellen as you work from home? If you dream it, will it come true? Well, we're believers. And, even though we're not necessarily amped on the idea of slush and traffic and frost bite, we'd be lying if we said we didn't get little frosty butterflies just thinking about a Snow Day (capital S, capital D). A Snow Day!
Yes, we're expecting one to two feet overnight, and a day from our home offices to match. So, in an effort to manifest our cozy long-weekend destiny (yep, we're getting selfish in 2015), we've put together the ultimate blizzard cheat sheet. And, because we're not leaving anything to chance Mother Nature (no offense, ma!), we've thought of everything, from how stay warm to how to keeping cabin fever far, far way.