5 Next-Level Costumes From Our Fave Throwback TV Shows

Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be a daunting task — whether you're trying to send the right message with your significant other or hoping to pull off the holiday on the cheap. While we've all definitely been there, this year's a totally different story, thanks to some inspiration from our favorite on-screen throwbacks.
Without spoiling the reveal, let's just say that we've got Will's cousin, Six's best friend, Lucille's son, Brandon's twin, and Ryan's one true love. Plus, did we mention all five are L.A. locals? That's right — from Bel-Air and Beverly Hills to the O.C. and Newport Beach, this quintet of characters covers a ton of ground.
Ahead, check out these five awesome costume ideas, complete with a few little tidbits to help you get into character. All that's left to decide is whether you're more Bluth or Banks.