What Your Couples Costume Says About Your Relationship

Illustrated by Sydney Hass.
When you enter coupledom, there's a whole world of big decisions you suddenly have to consider: When’s the right time to meet the parents? Should you take the plunge and move in together? Do you pretend to like that hideous new lamp that just appeared on the bedside table, or do you stand your ground and insist that it be replaced immediately?
But, few decisions are bigger than how you’ll dress yourselves on the 31st of October — especially if you’re part of the elite cadre of romantically entangled Halloween superstars who insist on coordinating costumes. Dressing as a duo needs to meet all of the usual components of a great get-up — creativity, pop-culture relevance, etc. — but it also requires compromise. The merging of two artistic visions isn't easy!
What you and your partner choose to go as this Halloween says a lot about the state of your relationship: Are you the model of romantic harmony? On the rocks? Is yours a union of creative genius or, sorry to say, a little basic?
To help out, we took ten of the year’s most popular costumes for couples and broke down what they indicate about your relationship — whether you and your beau are actually wearing them, or just, uh, gently judging other guests at the party.

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