Rihanna’s Fancy Coat Makes Jeans & Timberlands Night-Out Appropriate

Pop quiz: How do you get away with wearing jeans (boyfriend-style, no less), a heather gray T-shirt, and classic Timbs when you're hitting the town — or anywhere, really? Like most of life's most pressing questions, Rihanna has the answer: You toss on a really show-stopping coat before you step outside, and you never look back.
When she hit up Nobu in NYC on Sunday, Rihanna combated the evening's truly brutal wind in a boiled wool coverall by Rochas. The silhouette itself — collarless, open-front, oversized — is minimalist and modern, which isn't something one can say about many winter coats. But, it's the specific hue that really sets this one apart. The candy-colored shade of pink is an unusually sweet choice for the star, which is likely why she toughened it up with baggy denim and her beloved work boots. Because it turns out that opposites attract, even when it comes to outfits.