This Is Kendall Jenner’s Version Of A Suit For Work

Kendall Jenner's day at the office is a bit different (okay, a lot different) than ours. We shuffle into our cubicles, she shuffles down the runway. But, when she's not decked out in the latest SS15 collections on the catwalk, she, like us, is forced to wear regular, everyday getups between meetings. And, the look she wore yesterday in Paris was especially noteworthy.
Instead of going for a matching top and skirt set (which reigned supreme this summer), Kendall opted for a coordinated pants and long-sleeve combo from Derek Lam 10 Crosby. And, although it's not technically a suit per se, the overall vibe has similar sophisticated notes. That's due to the sleek plaid print and the tailored fit. So, if you're feeling inspired by this alternative workwear, then click through to shop her exact ensemble. And, suit up — Kardashian style.
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