The 14 Need-To-Know Trends Of 2015

The styles out of this Fashion Week were so varied but singularly amazing, it's like New York City raised up a bunch of siblings with drastically different tastes that still get together once in a while for family dinner — or, something. No matter how they came to be (Fate? Collective unconscious? A word from Wintour?) the must-have items of spring '15 are lookin' good. And, so you can start spotting and sporting trends before they hit the stores, we've rounded up our favorite 14 right here.
There are touches of fringe that will undoubtedly be all over the street style scene come spring, and belts that work just as well on Judo masters and editors alike. There are easy-to-pull-off shift dresses in optic white, and palm tree prints so lush they turn any strip of pavement into a tropical retreat. So, fine, there isn't some secret trend society, but as you click through these pics we imagine you'll be buying into the conspiracy theories (and the clothing), too.