What Cara D. Really Thinks Of Insta, Bacon, & Brows

When I found out I was going to interview Cara Delevingne on video, I wasn't sure what to do. Over-prepare and run the risk of sounding too robotic? Under-prepare and embarrass myself in front of the world's biggest supermodel? Plus, I am shamefully — yet admittedly — one of the millions of girls who constantly think, "If Cara and I ever met, we'd totally be best friends." That's just logic talking. I mean, she likes bacon; I like bacon. She's blonde; I'm blonde. She's in a Burberry campaign; I'm in a Burberry campaign. Or, like, close enough.
So, when I met up with my potential BFF/twin for her new Mulberry bag launch, it felt like fate (mixed with a little bit of media/PR wrangling). I got to ogle the newly minted Cara bags; they're seriously awesome, because they transform from handbag to shoulder bag to backpack — genius. And, of course, I ogled her. But, just a little bit. I mean, like the normal amount. The result? It happened: We became instant soul sisters, chatting over all things Instagram, what it takes to be a designer, and a selfie photo shoot that we'll I'll never forget. Watch the video below to get to know Cara, candidly. And, Cara, if you're watching: Call me!

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