Watch: Anna Wintour Answers 73 Questions About Herself

When you book face time with Anna Wintour, there's no room for small talk. The interview begins the moment you walk through the door. There are no exceptions — even if you're a part of Vogue's team. So, when The Scene tapped the magazine's editor-in-chief and Condé Nast's artistic director to answer 73 questions, Anna wasn't about to free up her afternoon. Instead, The Scene followed her through the hallowed halls of Condé Nast for some fashion repartee.
The quick-fire Q&A offers some insight into the life of the most powerful woman in fashion — like her feelings on Brooklyn (the borough, not the Beckham) and who she'd double-up with in a tennis match. But, more than anything, it serves as a how-to guide for impressing Wintour. If you ever get the chance at a one-on-one, the first thing she'll notice is your smile. Don't mention any sort of "journey." And, if you bring coffee, make it Starbucks. But, don't get too comfortable in the office she's been in "forever." Wintour might be good at banter, but she's a busy woman. As we can tell from the many interruptions — from assistants to Karlie Kloss — everyone wants Anna's opinion.
Wintour's word is law in the fashion world. But, even she changes her mind from time to time. While she rejected 73-question interviewer's invitation to take a selfie, explaining she'd "never taken a selfie, and [didn't] plan to start now," it seems NYFW has softened her. Presumably after the "73 Questions" segment was filmed, one lucky Vogue enthusiast snapped Wintour's first selfie in recorded history.
The times, they're a-changing...

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