Did Rihanna Take #CozyGirl To The Next Level?

Photo: D. DaSilva/REX USA.
For low-key nights out, our idea of comfy usually involves some variation of jeans and a tee. Rihanna, though, has other thoughts on the topic. Scratch that, really just one: knits — and lots of 'em. This cozy Stella McCartney getup is the most covered-up we've seen her in a while: It's just the inspiration we need as we start shopping for cooler temperatures.
But, we do have a few questions for BadGalRiri. Oversized sweaterdress aside, what's going on with the bag here? Is this a DIY-gone-awry, or is it available to buy? (Hint: It's the latter.) Leave it to this girl to take the most casual of pieces to new and unexpected places. Ahead, we found a few similarly comfy picks to help you get on with your bad self.

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