Weird, Wonderful Swimwear To Replace Your Most-Basic Bikinis

Laura Ruof is a fashion and beauty blogger at Call To Style. She Instagrams at @Call_To_Style.
Except for that time I unknowingly wore a see-through bikini to the beach, an unusual swimwear choice is a great way to show off your style. In other words: your unique approach to getting dressed doesn’t have to be limited to dry land. There are suits that are suits, suits that are shirts, even suits that are pants. I’m talking about swim leggings.
We already love a standby pair of regular leggings, but spandex pairs that can also get wet are even better. Maybe you want to be more protected from the sun, or maybe you want to be more covered up. Perhaps you just love the idea of swimming in your pants! Whatever the reason, cool swimwear is out there waiting for you to totally own it. Check out the pieces I found that allowed me to accomplish my goal of dressing different from the accepted norm while still having a great time by the water.