The Biggest Thing To Happen To Stretchy Jeans Since Lycra

We ask a lot from our jeans: to make our legs look long, to keep our shirt tucked in, to last for years and years, but to only rip and tear in Kate Moss-approved places, and not, say, Courtney Stodden-approved places. But to magically turn us into Brooke Shields? That's an I Dream of Jeannie type thing...not a Jean-ie type thing.
However, J Brand's new product promises to give you a "Photo Ready" effect that'll instantly get your lower half looking as good as it can with just the aid of some pants. The denim blend is a mix of cotton, polyester, and lycra and will smooth out your legs, lift up your butt, and keep everything looking trim no matter what your pant size (for now, the range of sizes are between a 23 and a 32). Now, the pants look small, and you'll definitely think that the only thing that'd help you get into a pair is a delusional prayer, but the stretch capacity of the jeans are mighty. The brand also promises that the jeans will never lose its elasticity, and isn't so restrictive you won't be able to move around freely. The jeans currently come in a cropped and regular-style skinny jean (which also comes in two cuts — the 620 and the 811) for prices that come just above their regular line of premium denim. And hey — Photoshop CS6 costs you around $700 a pop. Consider this an investment.

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