20 Women Share Exactly How Much Is Sitting In Their Savings Accounts

Photographed by Anna Jay.
If salaries are a taboo topic, then savings are completely off limits. Which is fair – the only thing more awkward than randomly asking a friend how much they have saved is bringing up your own saving efforts. It either reads as a brag, derails the conversation as someone emphatically acknowledges their privilege, or makes people feel anything from sheepish to outright ashamed.
All of this means that savings are shrouded in mystery. Which led our team to wonder, what could we learn from speaking to different women from different backgrounds and at different stages of life about their savings? Are there any tips we can glean from the big savers? Is there solidarity to be found among those reckoning with debt or an inability to save? How much does privilege help or harm people when it comes to money? These are the questions we'd love to have answered.
And so, following in our Aussie sibling's footsteps, we decided to ask.
Admittedly, we worried about response rates when we put a callout in our Money Diaries UK Facebook group, but we underestimated people. The responses were overwhelmingly open, honest and faith-restoring. Not only do they provide helpful tips but they reassure us that no two personal finance journeys are the same and we shouldn't be so quick to judge.
Ahead, 20 women share exactly how much money is in their savings account and how they got there.

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