16 Aussie Women Share Exactly How Much Is Sitting In Their Savings Accounts

Money is such a strange, taboo topic, isn't it? For all its significance in our capitalist world, so much about it goes unspoken. We teeter around exact figures, brush off questions about salaries, and lie to others (and ourselves) about our expenditure. But for women and minority groups in particular, not talking about money can be our own undoing.
Like many women, we have a very complicated relationship with money. While we've always been geared towards spending over saving, the unsustainability of it is not lost on us, and so we're always fascinated by other peoples’ personal finances, and figuring out how they manage to save.  
Admittedly, we worried about response rates when we first put out public callouts to take part in this, but we underestimated people. The responses were overwhelmingly open, honest and faith-restoring. Not only do they provide helpful tips, but they reassure us that no two personal finance journeys are the same, and we shouldn't be so quick to judge.
Ahead, 16 women on exactly how much money is in their savings account, and how they got there. 
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