18 Women On The ‘Right’ Amount To Put Into A Wedding Wishing Well

For a day that's meant to ring in the happiest of times, there's a surprising amount of politics involved in a wedding. And, as any party will tell you, one of the most uncomfortable parts of it all, both for guests and the happy couple, is gifting.
What's an appropriate present? Do you have to get something from the registry? Is it okay to split expensive items? There's certainly a lot to consider. 
But with many modern couples taking the practical route and asking for contributions to a ‘wishing well’ or 'non-boxed gifts'— where invitees give monetary donations instead of the usual dinner set or blender — it’s safe to say that the debate continues, particularly around what the 'right' amount is to expect/or give.
At Refinery29, we're all about opening up conversations around money in order to dispel some of the fog around personal finance talk, so we put a call out for people to tell us exactly how they feel about wishing wells. 
From guests who believed that their presence was the present, to those inspired to ‘win’ a breakup by being overly generous, this is how much dough 18 women reckon you should (or shouldn't) contribute to a wedding's wishing well.

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