12 Denim Shorts For Every Summer Style

Designed by Kristine Romano.
No matter what your personal style, it’s likely that denim plays a large part in your wardrobe. From jackets to jeans, skirts to jumpsuits, since the era of James Dean and Jack Kerouac, the material has been a staple of casual, rebellion-infused dressing. Yet despite the never-ending supply of denim jeans on offer, many people still struggle to find a reliable pair of denim shorts.
Though it might seem like an easy enough purchase, buying denim shorts often comes with its fair share of problems. The difficulty of finding the right fit, length or colour wash means that many people forgo shopping for a pair altogether and simply cut up their favourite flares instead. But if ransacking your wardrobe for DIY projects isn’t what you had in mind for summer activities, there are plenty of other ways to source denim shorts.
A vintage store can be a great place to start your search for the perfect pair of cut-offs (after all, it was Daisy Duke’s 1970s hot pants that started the world’s obsession with denim shorts). If your taste leans more towards a metal-inspired '90s acid wash or a '00s-style frayed bottom, the high street also carries plenty of options to suit your individual style.
Better still, the internet is now a treasure trove of eco-conscious brands putting sustainably sourced denim on the map. Whether it's repurposing vintage Levi's like RE/DONE or making use of scrap denim like E.L.V, the fashion industry is making serious strides in sustainability, meaning there are now plenty of ways to wear denim shorts without harming the environment.
From bleached Bermudas to coloured cut-offs, take a look at the best denim shorts the shops have to offer this summer…

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