Guilt-Free, Good-Looking Jeans: 10 Sustainable Denim Brands

Photo courtesy of Everlane.
Denim really is our best friend. We all have that perfectly worn-in pair of jeans to pull on for a lazy Sunday walk; that denim jacket that has seen us through music festivals, to the beach and back; a trusty denim mini that's great for a night out.
The fashion industry's dire impact on the environment is well known, with a Greenpeace report revealing that it takes 7,000 litres of water to produce just one pair of jeans. Much of this wastewater is full of hazardous chemicals and coloured dyes, and once regurgitated back into our rivers and oceans, these substances have a permanent destructive impact on ecosystems and local communities.
Thankfully it's easier than ever to find sustainable denim brands that satisfy our jeans cravings and negate our eco-guilt. Read on to learn about 11 of our favourites, from ABLE and Outland Denim, who provide supportive, sustainable and fair work, to MUD Jeans and Everlane, who are working to minimise their use of natural resources.