8 Binge-Worthy TV Shows You Can Watch In 30 Minutes Or Less

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You know what the real beauty of Friends is? Not the chemistry between six best pals. Not the vague relatability to the highs and lows of your own tragic life. No. The best thing about Friends is that the episodes are super short.
We know, of course, that the length of a programme doesn't necessarily correlate to its quality – Friends remains one of the best loved sitcoms in the world. But since delving into Netflix territory and witnessing the entertainment world erupt with hour-long dramas, the type that require real commitment, the way we watch TV has transformed.
We're constantly buried beneath an ever growing "must-watch" list that's dominated by meaty hour-long programmes. A quick mental scan of some of our favourite shows and we're looking at the 50+ minutes mark for each episode – that's a huge chunk of time to sacrifice whenever you commit to another series of Orange Is The New Black, Killing Eve, Dead To Me, The Sinner (the list goes on).
Sometimes you want a show that you can finish in a weekend without feeling gross for not having left the house for two days... even if you haven't left the house (no judgement!) Sometimes you want to slip in a cheeky episode on a commute/in the bath/while you're waiting for your takeaway to be delivered. And sometimes you don't have the patience to sit through a whole hour of a new show just to figure out whether it's worth the investment. Oh, the stress. That's where 30-minute TV shows come in. Lucky for us, the streaming gods have provided a few gems that'll keep you just as entertained in half the time. Here are the ones we're whizzing through at the moment.

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