Issa Rae Is Still Rapping In The Mirror In Season 4 Of Insecure

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Writer, actress, and producer Issa Rae made the jump from YouTube to HBO with the 2016 premiere of her hilarious series Insecure. As the lead character, Rae plays the complicated but lovable character Issa (hey, when it’s your show, you make the rules), and she clumsily navigates life and love with the help of her closest friends.
Now, after making us wait for an entire year, Rae and the Insecure gang are slated to make their grand return on 12th April 2020, with a UK release date yet to be announced.  Yesterday, the showrunner and star of the series popped up on social media to share a hilarious trailer for the fourth season.
"It's 2020 girl," the actress captioned her tweet. "where TF is @insecurehbo?" I'm guessing she's read all 3,500 of my tweets directly mentioning her on Twitter about the show. You're so welcome, Insecure fans.
Where exactly will this story pick up? Well, if we're following the timeline of the HBO original to the tee, it will have been almost two years since the events of the chaotic third season of Insecure. Last season, Issa suffered major blows in both her professional and personal lives. She finally worked up the nerve to quit her crappy job at the problematic nonprofit organization We Got Y’all, and our fearless (but truly terrified) heroine started down the long and winding path of entrepreneurship. However, as most entrepreneurs do, Issa ran into a slew of problems that had her questioning her decision to strike out on her own.
Issa's dating situation wasn’t doing much better. Fully broken up with both Lawrence (Jay Ellis) and Daniel (Y’lan Noel), she found a new spark with a mysterious Los Angeles transplant from Houston named Nathan (Kendrick Sampson). They cracked on immediately, and Issa wondered if she had finally found the right guy. That would be too easy, though; Nathan ghosted her after a few very sexy dates — I have a new appreciation for ferris wheels — and Issa was immediately thrown into a tailspin.
But Issa wasn't the only one dealing with her own issues — her friends were also going through it. Having always been the "exceptional negro of the workplace," best friend Molly struggled to find her footing at her new all-black law firm. Her love life was also in shambles; Molly's inappropriate relationship with her very married friend Dro took a toll on her self-esteem, and she couldn't quite figure out how to make it work with any of the new men in her orbit.
Let's not forget the man we hate to love and love to hate, Issa's ex-boyfriend Lawrence, who had barely survived his hot boy summer. Emerging with only one sexually transmitted disease to show for it, Lawrence sought out something more stable, finding solace in the church — and a member of the congregation.
With all of the characters in such unstable position, how will season four of Insecure play out? There's no telling, especially since there's been such a significant time gap in the show's plot. But if there's one thing we can guarantee, it's this: there will be more rapping in the mirror, and it will be hilarious.

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