Insecure Season 3, Episode 7 Recap: "Obsessed-Like"

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If I had describe this week’s episode of HBO’s Insecure in one word it would be: triggering. There isn’t nearly as much action as last week’s episode where things hit the fan at Tiffany’s (Amanda Seales) baby shower. But still, our two main characters — plus Lawrence (Jay Ellis) — are both stewing in dejection and discomfort. I know that the saying goes that we can’t evolve until we’re uncomfortable, so Issa (Issa Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji) have to grow through what they go through. However, that doesn’t make it any easier to watch them in the process. Get ready to feel things as we recap “Obsessed-Like.”
A week later — in real life and in Insecure’s LA — and Issa still hasn’t heard from Nathan (Kendrick Sampson). And despite the fact that keeps singing “I’m not pressed” to herself in the shower, she is definitely pressed. She’s checking her phone constantly, fixating over all of the things she did wrong to drive him away, and having dreams about losing her teeth. Seriously. And her obsession is only going to get worse. But at least we can see Issa’s turmoil coming thanks to her ability to be self-reflective.
We can’t say the same about Molly, who seems to make the biggest mess of things when they are going well. She’s making good on her decision to date Nathan’s friend Andrew (Alexander Hodge) and it’s working. He is so confident that I’m volunteering to date him next. He and Molly have great chemistry on their date. Nothing can go wrong, right? Wrong. Things are going well in her professional life as well. Sure, Taurean (Leonard Robinson) — the Morehouse mansplainer — needs to postpone a presentation for a big case, but it’s no big deal. Molly can just wait it out, right? Nope. But more on her self-sabotaging later. We have one more character in crisis.
Lawrence continues to be a walking cliche; so after going through a break, having a lot of meaningless sex, getting bored with work, and contracting chlamydia, Issa’s ex wants to go to church. Newly single Chad (Neil Brown Jr.) objects, but ultimately agrees to join his bestie because after all, Black churches are notorious for bringing groups of single women together under one roof. Neither of the men gets what they bargained for once they actually attend the service. The pastor is a little social media crazy, making constant references to various apps in an attempt to appeal to his younger congregants. Lawrence isn’t falling for the pandering, though. Chad is unexpectedly moved by the spirit, though, and recommits his life to God right then and there. Nevermind that moments earlier he had been pointing out the women he was attracted to during the sermon. However, Lawrence does catch the attention of a pretty female churchgoer. I guess the Michelle Williams song is true: “When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no.”
Molly can and will say no to her blessing, though. She goes on a second date with Andrew — who apparently auditioned for B2K — and it’s going just as lovely as the first one, until he brings up her failed fling with Dro (Sarunas Jackson). Clearly it’s still a sore subject for her. But there was no way for Andrew to have known that, especially after she blabbed to him about it when she was intoxicated at Coachella. Either way, Andrew didn’t stand a chance and Molly completely storms off in her cute red dress. She doesn’t wait for Taurean to give their big presentation, either. She nails the presentation by herself, but it spells doom for her working relationship with Taurean. It’s a shame since Molly went out of her way to get in Taurean’s good graces in the first place. But you know, Molly is going to Molly.
And if we thought we knew the full extent of Issa’s awkward mania, we were wrong. A comment on Nathan’s Instagram sends our girl into a heightened frenzy and it’s intense. She recruits Molly to join her on a mission to pop up at Nathan’s house. Apparently he lives with Andrew so Issa uses Molly to be her official excuse for popping up at the home of the guy who ghosted her. Nathan is nowhere to be found, but that doesn’t stop Issa from sneaking up to his room, going through his drawers, and trying to hack into computer. Issa is in a dark place right now. She’s afraid that no one will ever make her feel like “more than a fuck up” like Nathan did. This is a pretty low standard for dating, if you ask me.
It’s possible that Issa knows this, too. After lurking on his Instagram from her finsta account and scamming her way into his home, Issa finally decides to try to move on. She unfollows him, deletes his number, and refocuses on her block party and career. She even attends an entrepreneurship workshop in the aftermath. Now get ready for a triggering plot twist: Lawrence recommended the workshop. After it’s over, the two of them have coffee while reminiscing about their old apartment and sharing their dreams (Issa wants her block party to work) and fears (Lawrence doesn’t want to go back to church) for the future. Lawrence and Issa are making each other smile again. I told you, this episode is triggering.
What I would have done if I was Issa: Right swiped on Tinder. Casual sex doesn’t heal all wounds, but it’s certainly the kind of distraction that could have stopped her from breaking and entering.
What I would have done if I were Molly: I can’t even talk about Molly right now.
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