Gigi Hadid Loves This Low-Maintenance Hair Colour For Summer, Too

Photo: Michael Stewart/WireImage.
By the time summer finally rolls around, most of us call our colourists to make one request: more highlights, please. Apparently, Gigi Hadid does the same.
The 24-year-old supermodel had the internet talking not long after arriving at this week's CFDA Fashion Awards in New York. While most fans and haters alike were debating her ensemble (the jury is still out on the sash, pants, and pleated skirt combo), we were busy ogling her new hair colour.
The new colour, an ombré set of blonde balayage highlights, is a major change of pace for Hadid. For the last year, she's progressively dyed her hair darker and darker, to match the warmer natural colour at her roots; in fact, we haven't seen Hadid this blonde since 2017. Everyone – even Beyoncé — seemingly went from blonde to brunette in spring, but in the past month or so, a few celebrities have ditched their old hair colour for blonder highlights that brighten the ends of the hair, not the roots.
From the looks of it, the ombré colour trend is officially back, and Hadid is just the latest star to usher it back into salons. After blowing up a few years ago, the low-maintenance colour technique's popularity simmered right about the time everyone — and we mean everyone — was bleaching their roots and going platinum blonde. Now, it looks like the tides are changing, and we're back to the ultimate lazy-girl colour for summer. Although it's likely some of Hadid's brighter pieces are thanks to a few clip-in hair extensions, courtesy of hairstylist Danielle Priano, we think Hadid's new look is worth screenshotting and bringing to your colourist ASAP.
Just in case Hadid alone can't convince you to go lighter for summer, we suggest readjusting your gaze toward her sister, Bella, who went a dirty honey blonde this year, too — extensions not included.

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