Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 14, Episode 12 Recap: "My Mother's Keeper"

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Even when the show isn’t on air, the Kardashians find ways to keep us on our toes. I mean, less than a week into the hiatus, Khloé Kardashian revealed that she and her possible fiancé Tristan Thompson are expecting a baby! And I can’t be the only who turned Kim Kardashian’s Instagram notifications on in order to see the Christmas card as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we were left with more than questions than answers, but maybe some of the mysteries will end tonight.
Eating well or hardly eating?
Kourtney Kardashian is known as the most health-conscious Kardashian. She and her kids are pretty much gluten-free, and she refuses to eat anything processed. But little sister Kim is giving her a run for her money. With her new trainer, Kim has learned a lot about what the body needs. When Kourt decides that not eating is better than DayQuil, Kim just can’t anymore.
She tells Kourtney all about an article that says you can get arsenic poisoning from a gluten-free diet. She doesn’t exactly cite her source, but Kourtney has a comeback prepared. People tend to substitute gluten with corn or rice, which have higher levels of arsenic, according to her research. So, she should be healthy if she’s doing her job correctly.
Unconvinced, Kim, Kourtney, and Jonathan Cheban are doing a sweat test in a sauna to see who is healthier. The entire process is exhausting, to be honest, and Kourtney isn’t even sure if she’ll believe the results. Instead, they head to Kourtney’s food and allergy doctor to do a blood and urine test.
Days later, Kourtney is eyeing some delicious pink frosted donuts, courtesy of little sister Kylie, when Kim walks in.
“I can’t eat this, but how exciting is it to smell?” Kourtney says while breathing in the fluffy star-shaped donut. It’s the little things, apparently. Everything she works and sacrifices for is about to be totally worth it. The results are in, and Kourtney is confident she’ll be healthier than Kim. The truth? They're both perfectly fine! It just goes to show that any diet can be healthy for you, if you do your research.
As they tend to do, the women invite a professional over to explain everything. Basically, there isn’t a perfect diet for anyone. There are benefits to eating more and less of everything. The one thing they all agree on is that processed foods aren’t the best to put inside your body. To each his own!
Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty
When they’re not arguing about diets, it’s something else entirely. Khloé feels like Kim is never on her side when it comes to little stories. It basically becomes a “She said, she said” situation until Khloé blows up on Kim and makes it a little more deep than it needs to be.
“You’re just not a loyal person!” she asserts to a stunned Kim.
Later, Khloé explains that she used to be a little bit of a liar when she was a teenager. Now, she’s stuck with the label and hating every second of it. So, it’s not really her fault if she gets upset, right?
Not according to the twins Khadijah and Malika Haqq. While at lunch, they remind her that she can be a little aggressive and protective. Everyone from Twitter trolls to her family members know better than to poke at Khloé on purpose. She will rip you apart. Maybe it is up to Khloé to keep her anger in check, especially when it comes to Kris and Kim.
On her way home, Khloé listens to a calming audio tape on her phone. Baby steps! Since Kim has been majorly avoiding Khloé, she decides to reach out to her sister and be the bigger person. It doesn’t exactly work.
“Call me back when you feel like being a decent human being,” Kim replies before hanging up.
Yikes. But soon, Khloé, decides to suck it up and head over to Kim’s. She ambushes her and they actually have a meaningful convo! They both apologise for overreacting and doubting one another. Going forward, they plan to take each other’s feelings into consideration more. Maybe their mom can teach them a thing or two about that.
Eyes in the back of her head
While the younger Kardashians are picking fights with one another, Kris is trying to make life easier for her mom. MJ Shannon just moved to Calabasas from San Diego. As much as Kris is happy to have her here, she’s also constantly worried about MJ’s wellbeing. In typical Kardashian fashion, she jumps from A to Z. Kris decides to track MJ’s movements.
In order to break the news to her softly, Kris buys MJ some nice Stan Smiths and sneakily pipes in that she got her insoles to go with them. What she neglects to say is that the in-soles with tell Kris where MJ is at all times. It's an incredible invasion of privacy, but it comes from a pretty adorable place. Kris clearly cares deeply about her mother, and after MJ’s health scares, it’s obvious that Kris is just afraid of losing her mother. Maybe she could be a little more respectful, though.
“The good thing about this device is that I can track where MJ’s going,” Kris explains.
The bad thing is that when MJ isn’t moving, Kris still gets worried. She bolts out of the house and heads to MJ’s. When she gets there, MJ was just hanging out with friends and had her phone on silent. Non-crisis averted.
Kourtney has always been on MJ’s side when it comes to Kris Jenner’s overstepping. So, as soon as she finds out about the secret soles in MJ’s shoes, she tries to talk Kris out of it. When that doesn’t work, Kourtney just threatens to tell her grandmother if Kris doesn’t. It’s effective. Kris reveals the truth to her mom, who isn’t all that upset. She’s just wildly confused and amused at her daughter’s efforts.
It’s a good thing all the ladies are airing out their drama now. With Rob Kardashian’s custody battle, Khloé’s pregnancy, and everything else that comes with being a Kardashian, they’re going to need each other in the upcoming months.
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