Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 14, Episode 6 Recap: "Fan Friction"

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While last week’s episode was all about a problematic KUWTK man (Scott Disick), this week's features everyone’s favorite: Jonathan Cheban, also known as Food God. The episode starts off by introducing his alter-ego as if we all aren’t already following him on Instagram and lusting after his delicious meals.
Whenever he and Kim go out, they go all out on food. But not all of us can eat like Jonathan Cheban, not even Kim Kardashian-West. She decides to go on this crazy diet from a personal trainer, Melissa Alcantara, who visits Kim and Khloé in NYC and explains her process. It’s all about portion control and watching what you eat. Step one is to regain control of your body. But before she can say goodbye to her favorite foods, Jonathan convinces Kimmy to go on a major “Food God adventure binge” in New York.
Food God takes Kim and Khloé to his favorite New York pizza spot and they dig in. It looks delicious. But it’s not enough for Kim. They take the car to Joe’s Pizza, a NYC staple, and stuff their faces there, too. After all that pizza, the only logical decision is to get ice cream. If this is what hanging out with Kim, Khloé, and Jonathan is like everyday, please sign me up.
Go, Kim! Her workout with Melissa is so intense and the diet that she’s on is even wilder. As a result, Kim is staying away from Jonathan (where the Food God goes, the carbs go). Finally, she, Kourtney, and Jonathan meet for an early dinner. Jonathan immediately goes in with ordering. They aren’t even full sentences – just gestures and adjectives. On one hand, it’s fun to watch the Food God in action, on the other, he has no shame in ordering stuff that Kim can’t eat. It’s hard enough to be on a diet without your BFF stuffing their face with pretzel bread and melted cheese. The waitress legit pours molten chocolate over ice cream in front of her face. It was so sad that Kim walks away from the table and declares their friendship on pause until she has her rock hard body. Valid. Finally, they reach a compromise: Jonathan will eat before he comes to visit her.
See no Scott, hear no Scott, speak no Scott.
Scott is so predictable. Kourtney has decided to put all her energy into her kids and forget her 34-year-old man-child, Scott. Her family members are all so proud. But Khloé is even more proud that Kourtney has a new man in her life.
Kourt and Younes met in a bar during Paris Fashion Week. They have mutual friends and hit it off immediately. He was even the translator when the Kardashian-Jenners had to speak to the Parisian police about Kim’s burglary. After going through all that, Younes is probably a keeper. And who can be anything but happy for Kourtney?
Scott finally resurfaces after the events of Cannes and Kim isn’t sure what to do. For Kourtney, Kim can do what she wants, but she wants to stay out of it. Things will never be the same. She’s okay with that.
Kim invites Scott over to her LA house and immediately lays into him. “It looked like a soap opera extravaganza,” she starts. Kim explains that it’s not about the girls or him messing around. It’s about him settling down and being there for them. He feels a little insecure that the Kardashians would just drop him when Kourtney finds a new life. That’s kind of sad. After losing both his parents, Kourtney's family was really like his surrogate family. Kim assures him that that wouldn’t happen. Hopefully this inspires him to do better for them.
Scott, P, and Reign share the sweetest moments before Khloé, Kourt, Malika and Khadijah show up. It’s…tense to say the least. Scott knows that Kourtney has a lot of anger towards him. The only thing he can do is learn to be without Kourtney. After all this time, it’s good to know that have clear boundaries.
Go, Cavs!
A few weeks ago, Kris and Khloé had a little spat because they haven’t spent that much time together now that Khloé is in Cleveland all the time. The solution? A little trip to Ohio. While that’s all fine and dandy, it’s a whole other thing to bring the Kar-Jenners to a Cavaliers game. Rob brings up the fact that the fans are vicious enough to Khloé. Bringing her whole family is sure to escalate the situation.
Still, Kris, Kourtney, P, Reign, and Mason file into a private jet and head to Cleveland. Kris’ boyfriend Corey is totally against them going to the game, but that’s not going to deter them. Everyone rational knows that Khloé has nothing to do with whether or not the Cavaliers win, but there’s no stopping dedicated fans.
Kris and Kourtney get to spend time with Tristan and Khloé before the game. His mom is there, her family is there – it’s basically the perfect situation. Tristan immediately clicks with everyone and it’s the cutest thing ever. He even starts conspiring with Kourtney and Kris to plan a birthday party in LA for Khlo. That really makes Kris happy, so it’s hard to take Khloé’s advice to “be cool.”
Then, they get to the hard stuff: Should they chill and watch the game on TV or go sit courtside? Tristan wants them there, so that’s what they’re doing. And it turns out to be amazing! Even the kids had a good time. Plus, the Cavs win! As quick as they arrived, the Kardashians are on a private plane back to good ol’ LA.
Next week, we can look forward to seeing Khloé and Tristan celebrate her 33rd birthday. I don’t know about you, but I’m especially invested in this episode considering Khloé and I share the same birthday. I honestly cannot wait to see what kind of glamour she got up to while I was working all day. When it comes down to it, the best thing Keeping Up is for is living vicariously through the Kardashians.

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