Selena Gomez Says Taylor Swift Is The Best Thing She Got Out Of Dating A Jonas

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Selena Gomez isn't lamenting having dated Joe Jonas, because she got a lifelong bestie in the process: Taylor Swift, whom she called a "fighter, a warrior, and a friend" on a recent appearance with UK's Kiss FM. In the interview, the singer gushes about how she met Swift, and reminds us that you always gain something from a breakup.
"Taylor Swift is going to be in the country," begins the Kiss FM host, and suggests to Gomez "maybe a little hookup, collaboration on the stage?" Swift is rumoured to be dating Joe Alwyn, a model and actor who lives in London.
"I mean, any time, any place!" replies Gomez, and we are already envision ourselves crying into our Nirvana blonde hair. "We actually just talked about this other day. It's been about 12 years of friendship."
As it turns out, a collab was not in the works, but we do know that Gomez adored her pal's new album, saying "are you kidding me? It’s honestly so inspiring."
The other hosts marvel at their long-term bestie-ness, and asked how the two pop queens initially met each other. "We actually dated the Jonas brothers together!" she answers, and everyone bursts into laughter. "It was amazing because she was the girl with the big curly hair and all the bracelets and the cowboy boots. And I was definitely up-and-coming, and we just clicked. It was the best thing we got out of those relationships."
Their breakups with the Jonas brothers brought Gomez and Swift together, so in the end, everyone is happy. Swift is going steady with "Gorgeous" Joe Alwyn and Gomez is reportedly maybe reconciling with her longtime on-again off-again boyfriend Justin Beiber.
In the meanwhile, Gomez is dealing with the pressures that come with being the most-followed account on Instagram. She set her account to private after reportedly being upset about a Billboard story regarding a teddy bear. She told Kiss FM that "I think it’s amazing to stay connected with my fans and most of the time I probably say too much...but whether I’m the number one most followed or the least followed, it’s for me."
Check out the video below for the full interview.

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