Selena Gomez Breaks Her Silence On The New Taylor Swift

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As a vital member of Taylor Swift’s ever-dwindling squad, Selena Gomez is, of course, someone we've all been wanting to hear from about Taylor’s transformation. In a recent interview with Zane Lowe on his Apple Music show World Record, Gomez finally revealed how she really feels about the new Taylor Swift and the singer’s upcoming album Reputation.
During the interview, Selena Gomez talked a lot about her new song "Wolves," which was created in collaboration with EDM producer and DJ Marshmello. Though most of Zane Lowe’s time chatting with Gomez was spent focusing on her own career and music, he didn’t miss his opportunity to get a comment from the singer about her friend — or whatever they are — Taylor Swift. In the last couple minutes of the interview, Lowe says to Selena, "Obviously, there are a lot of good records coming out this year, man. Hey! Have you heard the Taylor album?" Then, without waiting for an answer, he continues excitedly, "Is it good? What can we expect? Is it incredible?"
Gomez responded with a good-natured laugh and said, "Yes. By the way, would you expect any less? Are you kidding me? It’s honestly so inspiring. It’s really cool to surround yourself with people and be involved with people who are inspiring and changing the way that they dictate what they love — whether it's acting or music — and she's one of those people who will continue to do that."
The "Wolves" singer revealed that Taylor Swift had already let her listen to the new album, which lays to rest many of questions we've had about their friendship over the past couple years. Last year, when Selena Gomez threw her own Fourth of July party instead of attending Swift’s, and didn’t publicly wish Swift happy birthday last December, we all wondered about their relationship status, but the fact that Gomez got to hear Reputation before it was released and that she only has lovely things to say about the album and Taylor makes us think that Taylor’s transformation hasn’t affected their friendship after all.
At the end of the interview, Gomez told Lowe, "I obviously love her so much and want her to do what she does and she's killing it, and it’s everything that you would want and more. So, I’m very proud and obviously, a major fan." See, unlike some people, Selena Gomez loves the new Taylor just as much as the old one.

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