Exactly Where We Left Off On Season 1 Of The Crown

Is your tea steeping? Are your scones heated? Are your jam and clotted cream nearby? Now's the time to get the appropriately British accoutrements ready to go, because season 2 of The Crown is coming to Netflix on 8th December. Sound those regal trumpets, will ya?
History has never been quite as delectable as it is in The Crown, the award-winning show that casts a sympathetic, sumptuous eye to the inner lives of Queen Elizabeth and her close relatives. On The Crown, Queen Elizabeth is not the impartial, smiling old sovereign we see on TV, but a person with inner turmoil, longings, and a commitment to duty. We see Elizabeth the women — dreams, disappointments, judgmental "ohs" and all.
We left the royal family in the year 1955. Season 2 will take us through the next decade's adventures, mishaps, and diplomatic conspiracies, and end in 1965. Here's a quick refresher course on season 1 before you binge.
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