The Monarchy Has Never Been More Scandalous Than In This New Trailer For The Crown

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Trouble is brewing for the English monarchy — in 1956, that is. The newest trailer for Netflix's The Crown hit the internet today, and it gives us a better glimpse of the various scandals that are about to rock the family for the next eight years. The main tension this season can be blamed on the friction between the steadfast traditions of the monarchy butting heads with the changing society of Britain. The result? An unpopular institution plagued by the restlessness of its members.
Some of these restless members include Princess Margaret, who the trailer reveals is still rebelling against the restrictions of her role.
"I know who I am: A woman for the modern age," she says. "Free to live, to love. And free to break away."
But then there's also Prince Philip, whose complicated persona we already know will be a pretty important thread throughout this season.
"This restlessness of yours, it has to be a thing of the past," the queen says in the trailer, presumably to her husband. "The monarchy's too fragile. You keep telling me yourself. One more scandal, one more national embarrassment, and it would all be over."
As for their personal relationship, things don't look good there either.
"There is no possibility of my forgiving you," she continues in a later scene. "The question is: How on earth can you forgive yourself?"
If you think pouring over history books will give you some clues of what's to come, don't necessarily count on it. "The Crown is a fictional drama," the royal family told Bustle. "The Royal Household has had no involvement."
However, while we might not know much about the show's current plans, we recently learned an exciting detail about its future: Olivia Colman, who you may recognize from Broadchurch, will be replacing Claire Foy following season 2. Foy's departure had long been planned, making way for an older actor to more accurately play the Queen's next chapter.
Long story short: There's a lot to be excited about. Season 2 hits Netflix November 8.

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