Here's How Samwell Tarly Thinks Jon Snow Should Be Told The R+L=J News

The Game of Thrones season 7 finale kept fans — and even some of the actors! — on the edges of their seats on Sunday, as they watched Arya and Sansa reclaim their time, a zombie Viserion obliterate the Wall, and Sam turn the world on its head by helping Bran reveal Jon Snow's true identity.
Though fans were prepared for that last revelation, it's pretty safe to say no one, not even Bran, was ready to learn that Jon Snow the bastard is actually Aegon Targaryen, the heir to the Iron Throne. Once we got over the initial shock of watching Jon and Dany, who are officially confirmed to be nephew and aunt, having boat sex, our attention shifted to one big question: Who is going to break the life-altering news to Jon?
In an interview with The New York Times, actor John Bradley, the man who brings the lovable Samwell Tarly to life on GoT, shared why he thinks his character should be the one to break it to the once powerful King of the North.
"Jon tends to believe Sam," he said. "Sam is the right person to tell him, because he's also very thorough, very academic."
It's true that Sam's friendship with Jon has a lot of pull, but is it possible that Sam, as pure and noble as he may seem, could want to tell his old pal about his new destiny out of selfishness and not concern for how he might take the news?
Bradley admitted to The Times that the discovery of Jon's lineage modifies the relationship they shared.
"Jon is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, and that's bound to change the way [Sam] perceives him and the future of the Seven Kingdoms," he said. "And that could affect Sam's future as well, in a more positive way that he could anticipate."
But perhaps the gains Sam could receive with Jon sitting at the Iron Throne aren't just increased wealth and status; it's possible the most valuable improvement would be his newfound platform for disseminating the truth.
Through both listening and reading, Sam has acquired an impressive amount of knowledge about the history of the Seven Kingdoms and all of the juicy gossip that comes along with it. Pair that with Bran's ability to travel through time utilizing his Three-Eyed Raven powers, and you've got highly valuable duo.
"In terms of the influence they now have over people, and the news that they have, and the way they can backup the information with evidence, they could really move things forward," Bradley said.
Bradley noted that we've already seen the impact Bran's visions have had on even the biggest skeptics, citing the reaction from the Great Hall of Winterfell after the Starks revealed Littlefinger's past dirty deeds.
"People started to believe him. People were wondering, 'How could he possibly know that?'" Bradley said. "That was just a small taste of the power that Bran has, especially regarding certain key pieces of information that other people might not believe otherwise. And Sam has all the other information, the hidden details, that Bran's skill can't quite provide. Bran and Sam together, they should be able to have the ear of anybody they choose."
Move over Jon and Dany, there might be a new power duo in town.
Bradley also proved that he loves those GoT theories — particularly the one that poses the possibility that Sam is the author of A Song of Ice and Fire — and mused about whether White Walkers have feelings. The whole interview, which can be found here, is definitely worth a read.
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