The Internet Is Up In Arms Over The Fact That Sam Didn't Credit Gilly For That Big Discovery

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Game Of Thrones.
Not again. Samwell Tarly (John Bradley-West) seems to be making a habit of forgetting that Gilly (Hannah Murray) is responsible for pretty much the biggest plot twist of the entire season, and on last night's Game Of Thrones finale, he did it again. You might remember that a few episodes ago, Gilly read in the journal of the High Septon Maynard that Rhaegar Targaryen annulled his marriage to Elia Martell, before marrying Lyanna Stark in a secret ceremony in Dorne. Gilly read it, Gilly said it, and then it seemed like Sam totally ignored her.
Last night, however, he revealed he was listening, only to go and forget Gilly again when he relayed the news to Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright). He tells Bran that he read the diary, and makes no mention of his longtime partner, who has supported him through thick and thin, and was the person who discovered this fact in the first place.
Predictably, the internet is pissed.
"gilly discovering the r+l wedding and sam taking the credit is proof that men are trash," one livid fan wrote.
"RT if you'll never forget it was Gilly who made the discovery about Jon's parents, not Sam."
"When Sam Tarley takes credit for what Gilly found in the maester's scrolls and you're just like..."
"But let's talk about how Sam low key took the credit for the annulment bomb that Gilly found last episode."
"Gilly when she finds out Sam took credit for HER WORK."
In the replies of many of these tweets, fans are pointing out that she was reading what Sam already had transcribed. However, Sam didn't pick up on the fact! If Gilly hadn't read it out loud, we have no way of knowing Sam would have been able to suddenly conjure this now-relevant fact among the many, many things he had to transcribe.
I'm mad, and season 8 better right this wrong ASAP (and I mean ASAP, please oh please don't make me wait until 2019).

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