Here’s Everything You Should Do In Your Everything Shower — & The Order To Do It In

You've probably heard of TikTok's everything shower by now, and if you haven't, you've probably been having it without knowing what it's called. The "everything shower" is that one very special weekly shower you take where your water bill takes a pretty big hit, but as a self-care practice, is essential.
This shower encompasses every hair-washing routine, body-washing routine and hair-removal practice you have on your roster, and helps you get everything done all in one go. Typically, these showers are scalding hot and can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours — and depending on your routine, maybe even longer!
Often done just before the weekend as a way to refresh and relax after a long week, or alternatively, on the weekend to prepare for the week ahead, most women will have a pretty regular routine in place.
"I call it a Friday Shower," Maria, 25, says. "However, it can be done on a Thursday night or Saturday morning too. And it's 40 minutes to an hour of pure bliss."
"I have my everything shower once a week for about an hour or two," Bek, 23, chimes in. "Then there's a monthly everything shower that comes after waxing!".
Of course, everyone's routine will differ slightly in products and even the practices themselves. Some people are even starting to incorporate stretching in their everything each their own, I guess.
But there are a few hard and fast rules that we might want to factor in when taking an everything shower, specifically the order of our steps. According to this dermatologist on TikTok, following this step-by-step guide can help us optimise our routines and help us actually see the results we're looking for.
Below, find the optimal everything shower routine laid out step by step.

1. Wash your hair

Washing your hair is probably going to be your first instinct when you start your everything shower, and the good news is that you're on the right track. You may have even preceded your shower with a hair mask or hair oil, so you'll want to wash that off first anyway.
But what a lot of people may not know is that you should actually start and complete your whole hair routine at the start. While leaving your conditioner in your hair throughout your shower might seem like a good idea to get your hair feeling extra silky and lush, if conditioner sits on the skin for too long, it can clog your pores and lead to back and chest acne — so wash it out!
If you're still hell-bent on leaving your conditioner in, putting your hair up in a claw clip to keep it off your skin is a good alternative.

2. Exfoliate

Next up is body exfoliation with your preferred scrubs and exfoliating tools. It's always advised that you exfoliate before you shave, if shaving is part of your routine, as it can reduce the risk of razor bumps and general irritation.
Even if you don't shave, exfoliating once or twice a week is still going to help to remove dead skin, including the face, with a facial exfoliant or scrub. If you find this kind of exfoliation a bit aggressive for the face, you might consider a weekly or biweekly exfoliant peel which you'll apply outside of your everything shower.

3. Shave

If you're someone who shaves, this is where you would slip this stage in. Always make sure to shave on damp skin. It's definitely ideal to use gel or foam products specifically designed for the purpose to get a smoother and safer shave.

4. Wash your body

Now that you've completed all the in-shower steps, this is when you'll be washing your body and removing any excess products from your skin. And then you're out of the shower! You may emerge disorientated, hot and a little raw, but you'll be so glad you did all the important things.

5. Double cleanse

But just because you're out of the shower, doesn't mean your everything shower is over! Now you'll do your skincare routine — either your regular one or the big use-every-product-I-own one, depending on your time constraints and needs.
One thing that's definitely a good idea after an everything show though is double cleansing your face before you proceed with your other serums and creams.

6. Moisturise

If there's one super important step after an everything shower, it's moisturising. Seeing as you've been in steaming hot water for so long (and especially if you've been shaving), applying a soothing body moisturiser to semi-damp skin is a vital step. The dampness is going to help lock in the hydration and give you that amazing glowy look you really want after an everything shower.

7. Dry hair

Lastly, dry your hair by either putting it up in a micro-fibre towel or blow-drying. If you opt for a blow dry, don't forget your heat protectant spray.
Et voilà, you're done!
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