12 Women Share How Much They’ve Spent On Professional Hair Removal This Year

Image via @cottyconcha/Instagram
As a society, we've come far when it comes to body hair, but many of us still have a complicated relationship with it. Thankfully, nowadays it's generally accepted that some women choose to keep (and even embrace) theirs, while others opt to remove it. And whatever boat you fall into is perfectly normal, healthy and okay.
For those who choose to pluck and preen, the plethora of options on the market seems endless, be it shaving, tweezing or using chemical depilatories. However, the stronghold that storefront operations continue to have provides an appealing alternative — promising less regrowth and less visits in between sessions while you lie back, relax, and let the professionals take care of things.
Be it laser or threading, a brow wax or a Brazilian, these 12 Australian women find themselves keep going back. Find out just how much exactly they drop on professional hair removal each year and whether they'll keep it up in 2023.
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