7 Stretches For Emotional Wellbeing

Photo: Courtesy of Heidi Roman.
I stretch mainly to keep my body healthy and to stave off knee pain after a run. But I also stretch because it feels good emotionally. It's a way to shake off stress or lift my spirits or take my mind off something that's nagging at me.
That instinct is a natural one, and a powerful one. Some people — myself included — believe that stretching feels so nurturing not just because it gets the blood pumping, but because our bodies hold on to old traumas and negative emotions. The right pose can release some of that, freeing our minds and spirits. Some research has shown that stretching activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which can reduce the effects of stress and help induce feelings of calm.
Given the events of the last few years, most of us could probably use a good stretch. With that in mind, Toni Melaas, a professional dancer and CEO of Hatch, an international wellness concierge business, has designed a series of seven poses that she says are especially good at balancing emotional wellbeing.
Slip into something comfortable, find a quiet spot, light a candle or some incense, and let Melaas guide you through this ultra-healing sequence.
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