Soak It Up: 16 Of The Best Moisturisers For Every Skin Type & Budget

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Skincare is a fairly contentious subject. But one thing that dermatologists can all agree on is that a solid skincare routine is nothing without a good moisturiser, no matter what stage of life you're at, how much water you guzzle or what you deem your skin type to be. Hydration is the foundation of healthy-looking skin, enabling your skin to flush out toxins, repair itself, prevent fine lines, and ensure that you’re armed against external elements and free radicals.
On a personal level, we consider ourselves moisturiser hoarders, committed to slathering as many of the latest ingredients and concoctions on the market. Naturally, over time, we’ve come to sort the keepers from the ones you can probably live without. From the über-hyped budget moisturiser that gives its high-end counterparts a run for their money, to the ultra-luxurious splurge that (unfortunately for our wallets) is just really damn good — we’ve tried them all.
It’s clear that not all skincare is created equal, and it’s easy to get swept up in the pretty packaging, buzzy new ingredients and clever marketing. But a reliable moisturiser is the one skincare staple worth investing your time and money in. We only have one skin, after all!
So to help you navigate the tricky business that is skincare shopping, we’ve rounded up our tried-and-tested favourites.
Read on for our edit of the best moisturisers for all occasions and skin types.

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