21 Last-All-Day Sandals You Can Rely On

There are few things in life that we dread as much as a sandal-induced blister that starts forming just far enough from our apartments that we can't turn around to change shoes. Add to that sweaty soles, too-high a pitch, and cramped toes, and you've got yourself a sad sandal situation that makes you that annoying girl who complains about her feet every few minutes.
Say it together with us — never again! Make it from a.m. to p.m. in one pair of shoes so cute you won't want to take them off, and so comfy that there's no reason to, either. Ahead, check out 20 pairs of sandals featuring thick straps, walkable heights, and no-rub materials that'll make blisters so last year. Even if we haven't tried them, these are the ones we'd be willing to bet won't kill your feet. Click on!

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