12 Rain Coats That Will Brighten Your Day

Whether you call it a slicker, anorak, or even a mac, a great raincoat doesn't just keep you dry — it's the silver lining to a crummy-weather day (aside from any double rainbows). A downfall can easily ruin your day. Aside from dealing with dashing from car to front door without getting soaked, wet weather puts a damper (see what we did there) on what to wear. Before you grab that 10+ year worn out coat and an umbrella, check out our selection of chic rain jackets ahead.
These 12 perfect mac coats might even have you praying for a pour. Stay dry out there!
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Rains Jacket, $125 $62.50, available at Aritzia.
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Marni x Stutterheim Grey & Orange Stutterheim Edition Colorblock Raincoat, $790, available at Ssense.
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Grundens Petrus 88 Hooded Jacket, $116.99, available at Grundens.
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Vetements Printed Raincoat, $560, available at MyTheresa.
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Zara Water Repellent Rubberized Parka, $69.90, available at Zara.
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Stutterheim Stockholm in Pale Pink, $295, available at Need Supply.
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Urban Outfitters Jamie Metallic Patent Rain Coat, $149.99 $49.99, available at Urban Outfitters.
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ASOS Vinyl Maxi Rain Trench Coat, $95 $38, available at ASOS.
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Hunter Original Refined Trench Jacket, $395 $197, available at Hunter.
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Helmut Lang Re-Edition Hooded Parka, $2,495, available at Opening Ceremony.
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Topshop Love Heart Print Raincoat Mac, $100, available at Topshop.
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Vans Thanks Coach Long MTE Jacket, $79.50, available at Vans.
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edited by Christopher Michael Beer; shot by Jack Pearce; shot by Kenny Wu.
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