The Best Under-$10 Bottles At Whole Foods, According To A Wine Expert

Here at Refinery29, our love for affordable wine is no secret. After all, if we are drinking it at the same rate as most millennials, we can hardly be expected to splurge. When it comes to bottles that don't break the bank, we are familiar with standbys from Aldi and Trader Joe's and have dabbled in newcomers from Target and Lidl. But there's another source for under-$10 bottles you may be overlooking: Whole Foods.

In many states the organic grocery chain includes wine, or, in some cases, has a wine shop next door. While there are splurge-worthy options for people with the money to spend, there are also plenty of great finds in the "two Starbucks lattes" price range.

To get an idea of where to start when shopping for wine at Whole Foods, we talked with Devon Broglie and Doug Bell, two of the company's global beverage buyers. Broglie is a master sommelier, one of only 236 people with that title. Part of Bell's job as beverage coordinator is to find wines that will appeal to a broad range of buyers at the best price. These are their top picks.

Note: Availability and prices may vary by state.

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This isn't just a pretty package – good rosé should never be more than a year old, so seeing "2016" on the label lets us know we're getting a drinkable, young wine that brings us all the things we love about the pink drink.

El Terrano Rosado, $9.99
Wines from the Southern Hemisphere often offer great value since they are currently in less demand than wines from Europe Napa. Other varietals from Autoritas include Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc.

Autoritas Cabernet Sauvignon, $7.99
Bubo's line of wines are designed to be easy-drinking and pair well with food.

Bubo Cellars Pinot Noir, $9.99
A line of under-$5 wines from Spain, Don Simon is a sleeper hit even with wine snobs.

Don Simon Tempranillo, $3.99
Globerati is exclusive to Whole Foods and specializes in buying excess wine from vineyards across the world and selling it under its own label. (Buying private label is already one of our tried-and-true tricks to getting great wine deals.)

Globerati Sangiovese, $6.99
Montepulciano is an Italian wine that is known for being medium-bodied and pairing well with food, especially pizza.

Gran Conti Montepulciano, $9.99
Harthill is another line of Whole Foods "everyday" (a.k.a. budget friendly) wines. Other varietals include Cabernet, Merlot, and Pinot Grigio.

Harthill Farm Chardonnay, $5.99
Vinho Verde may literally translate to "green wine" but it's actually a protected designation, like Champagne or Burgundy. Vinho Verde are young white wines that are typically lower in alcohol as well.

Orlana Vinho Verde, $8.99
If you're not a fan of sweet white wines, try this dry one from Italy.

Spirito d’ Italia Pinot Grigio, $8.99
Whole Food's own answer to Trader Joe's beloved "two buck chuck," this line comes with other varietals that cost a little as $2.99.

Three Wishes American Merlot, $3.99 or less
Australia, like Chile, can offer excellent value on old-world varietals like Chardonnay.

Tracker’s Crossing Chardonnay, $7.99
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