You Should Follow These Plus-Size Travel Bloggers On Instagram, ASAP

Bloggers and 'grammers are changing what it means to be a plus-size woman who travels, one image at a time. While most women in the U.S. are plus-sized — 67% are size 14 or above — they are still not widely represented in the images we see. And unfortunately, many get discriminated against when traveling abroad.

That's why a few intrepid women have decided to take control of the conversation. Snapping enviable photo after photo of themselves lounging on sandy beaches, staying in fancy hotels, eating at the latest restaurants, and enjoying outdoor adventures, they're showing representation matters and doing what they love in the process.

Ahead, we've rounded up a few of our favorite plus-sized bloggers and influencers to follow for wanderlust-y inspiration, right now.

67% of U.S. women are plus-size. Join as Refinery29 gives these women their own megaphone, doubling down on our commitment as allies, and partnering with them to catapult their powerful conversations into a true historic movement. #WeAreThe67


The Finnish wanderluster started her blog in 2008. She writes in a recent social media post that Instagram has helped her feel more comfortable in her own skin. "I wish we could all see Instagram as a channel for inspiration, community, and just pure joy instead of jealousy and feeling like we're not enough — because all of us, we are more than enough. More than perfect the way we are."

Samantha from Call Me Adventurous is based in NYC, but is a self-described part-time "digital nomad." At over 17,000 followers, she has a super-strong 'gram game, and you can find her doing everything from exploring castles in Germany to frolicking in lavender fields.

Nicole is a former radio personality, and her last destination was Hedonism, a nude beach in Jamaica. "Not one person stopped to stare at me. My insecurities were all in my head. I built up what others would think of me in my head, and carried that on my shoulder," she writes. "I figured, surely the plus-size girl would stick out. Nope. Every last person was there to have a good time."

Annette Richmond founded Fat Girls Traveling to change the conversation around, as she puts it, "traveling while fat." On her Insta, she features plus-sized women living their best lives while jetting all over the world. She's also created a Fat Girls Traveling private Facebook group where women offer each other tips and support.

"It's incredibly humbling to know that lil' ole me is helping women feel better about their bodies and more confident when getting their passport stamped," she told Refinery29 in an interview.

Chantel of Voyaging Vagabond has been to 27 countries and counting, but she's originally from a small town in Rhode Island. On her blog, she gives plenty of travel tips for plus-sized women, like not to be shy in front of the camera:

"Try those poses you’ve seen," she writes. "Want to jump in the air, DO IT! Want to be peeking behind your shoulder as you walk off into some distant land, DO IT! Want to be captivatingly laughing at the ground, DO IT! Want to take off your top and throw your hands in the air, DO IT!"

Jen McKnight is a "wanderer and introvert" who runs Travel with Curves. She and her guest writers address topics such as "ziplining while fat" and "getting over the mindset that you're too fat to be photographed."

The freelance writer says she used to let her body-image issues hold her back from living the life she'd envisioned. "I'd always been a timid introvert, but after I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) over a decade ago, the weight gain (among other symptoms) left me feeling more self-conscious than ever," she writes. In 2015, when she turned 32, she booked her first major trip to London with her husband and brother — and hasn't stopped traveling since.
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