10 Incredible Treehouses You Can Actually Sleep In

Some say, “If these walls could talk.” But, for others, the real question is: "What if trees could?" Trees often survive for centuries longer than walls — in fact, Old Tijikko, the oldest living tree in the world, is more than 9,000 years old. If it could speak, it might impart some wisdom about everything that’s occurred since the last Ice Age.

We love being around trees because we feel like they’re wise and full of life. It’s probably why so many of us have fond memories of childhood tree houses. Now, it’s possible to add a new memory. Whether your travel style veers more toward rugged explorer or luxury escapist, get ready to experience 10 of the most incredible tree-house hotels across the globe.

Photo: Courtesy of Crowley Photography.
TreeHouse Point, Seattle

Armed with only a screwdriver, a hammer, and his dad, Pete Nelson has been building treehouses ever since he was five years old. He and Judy, his wife, believe in fostering person-to-person connections through experiences among nature, so they’ve constructed the perfect place to do just that in the lush Pacific Northwest.
Photo: Courtesy of Crowley Photography.
TreeHouse Point, Seattle (Continued)

The six handcrafted tree houses, all visibly built with love, are near great restaurants, hiking trails, farmers' markets, and Snoqualmie Falls. Fun fact: Nelson is also the star of the Animal Planet series Treehouse Masters.

From $255/night, full breakfast included.
Photo: Courtesy of Aqua Wellness Resort.
Aqua Wellness Resort, Nicaragua

Located on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast, these treetop villas offer views of both the Pacific Ocean and the rainforest. Each has its own infinity plunge pool amid the treetops, where monkeys, rare birds, butterflies, and tree frogs abound.
Photo: Courtesy of Aqua Wellness Resort.
Aqua Wellness Resort, Nicaragua (Continued)

Walk among ginger plants and banana groves on your path to the beach for fishing, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, or dolphin- and whale-watching. When you need a little rejuvenation, hit the beachside bar or the yoga deck, with its spectacular view of the forest canopy overlooking the ocean.

From $189/night, full breakfast included
Photo: Tom Chudleigh.
Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

For those who desire oneness with nature, the name of this Vancouver Island retreat says it all. The founders’ ultimate goal is to produce enough income from the surrounding forest to buy and save it, all while maintaining the lowest possible ecological footprint.
Photo: Tom Chudleigh.
Free Spirit Spheres, Canada (Continued)

Each sphere is crafted by three men and creates the sensation of floating, thanks to the web of ropes that connect it to the canopy. The spheres, while small, are organized much like charming Manhattan apartments. Nearby attractions include Horne Lake Caves, Georgia Strait, and Mount Washington.

From $127/night
Photo: Courtesy of Tree Houses Hotel.
Tree Houses Hotel, Costa Rica

Located near the Arenal Volcano, this collection of seven tree houses is perfect for the nature enthusiast who still values comfort. The secluded property is just a 25-minute drive from popular tourist areas. Surrounded by a 70-acre wildlife refuge teeming with sloths, monkeys, toucans, armadillos, parrots, and many other creatures, it's an entire world away.
Photo: Courtesy of Tree Houses Hotel.
Tree Houses Hotel, Costa Rica (Continued)

Each guest enjoys air conditioning, warm-water showers, a refrigerator, a locked safe, private deck, and available rental vehicles. A full breakfast by the hummingbird gallery and bird-feeding areas isn’t complete without Costa Rican coffee, and adventurous activity options include hot air ballooning over San Carlos, cooking with a Tico family, volcano hikes, and ATV tours.

From $99/night, full breakfast included
Photo: Courtesy of Chewton Glen.
Chewton Glen, England

Part of a larger hotel in Hampshire, this set of luxe houses on stilts features floor-to-ceiling glass windows, flat-screen televisions, radiant floor heating, and Hunter Wellies and umbrellas for guests (how thoughtful!).
Chewton Glen, England (Continued)

If you want to really relax, take a bubble bath in a free-standing tub with a forest view; the romantic Treehouse Hideaway suite also offers a private outdoor hot tub. Guests can take advantage of the hotel’s spa, with aromatherapy saunas and crystal steam rooms, or enjoy an in-treehouse massage with warm rose oil. For the outdoor enthusiast, there's a golf course and an ozone-treated swimming pool.

From $1,172/night
Photo: Fredrik Broman/Human Spectra.
Treehotel, Sweden

Just south of the Arctic Circle, each of five individual “tree rooms” at the Treehotel are designed by a different acclaimed Swedish architect. And, they all make their own unique statement — the Bird’s Nest’s exterior is decorated with sticks and a retractable ladder, while the Mirrorcube is made entirely of surfaces that reflect the landscape.
Photo: Fredrik Broman/Human Spectra.
Treehotel, Sweden (Continued)

Powered by green hydroelectric power and constructed from sustainable materials, the contemporary design of the tree rooms is juxtaposed with the on-site restaurant, which features Swedish home cooking in a retro 1930s-meets-1950s setting. Activities include nighttime safaris to seek the northern lights, a day trip to Flakaberg to visit a Sami family and their reindeer pastures, a tree sauna, and access to a private outdoor wood-fired bathtub for two.

From $533/night
Photo: Courtesy of Hunter Hotels.
Tsala Treetop Lodge, South Africa

Located along the famed Garden Route, the lodge is steeped in the area’s legend of a people skilled in artistry and masonry who came to live in Tsala and mysteriously disappeared. The lodge offers 10 treetop suites and six two-bedroom treetop villas, each with a sitting room, a fireplace, and a private infinity pool.
Tsala Treetop Lodge, South Africa (Continued)

A hidden wine cellar holds essential South African wines, and the nearby Birds of Eden free-flight bird sanctuary is a must-see. Adventures for the thrill-seeker include treetop canopy tours, where you can zip from one platform to the next with a bird’s-eye view of the forest.

From $198/night
Photo: Courtesy of Daintree EcoLodge & Spa.
Daintree EcoLodge & Spa, Australia

This acclaimed eco lodge and wellness spa in the Jinbirrba Valley is perched in the world’s oldest living tropical rainforest — it's over 135 million years old, to be exact. Guests can choose from 15 different “bayans,” or rainforest houses, at levels ranging from floor to canopy. The Kuku Yalanji tribe were a rainforest-dwelling aboriginal people who called the area Wawu-karrba, or “healing of the spirit,” which drives Daintree’s spa philosophy.
Photo: Courtesy of Daintree EcoLodge & Spa.
Daintree EcoLodge & Spa, Australia (Continued)

The spa integrates indigenous traditions approved by Kuku Yalanji elders into its healing services. Experience a traditional Kodo massage to balance energy flow. (You can even book a massage at the nearby waterfall.) Foodies can try out the restaurant’s oven-baked local barramundi, Australia’s favorite fish.

From $375/night, full breakfast included
Photo: Courtesy of Pugdundee Safaris.
Tree House Hideaway, India

Situated where the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve merges with a 21-acre jungle, these five rustic tree houses are designed to blend with their surroundings. With a view of the tiger reserve, which boasts India's densest tiger population, and the Bandhavgarh Fort, guests can try to spot a white tiger.
Photo: Courtesy of Pugdundee Safaris.
Tree House Hideaway, India (Continued)

The hotel offers each visitor a 4x4 Jeep and a guide for jungle and elephant safaris, and workshops with local bamboo weavers. Spotted deer, wild boar, and many species of birds are also commonly seen.

From $482/night; two safaris and meals included
Photo: Courtesy of Ariaú Amazon Towers Hotel.
Ariaú Amazon Towers Hotel, Brazil

For those who seek an all-inclusive, resort-style tree house hotel, book your trip at the Ariaú Amazon Towers. Located in Manaus, the hotel offers both tree houses and Tarzan suites with private balconies and views of the Amazon rainforest and nearby Rio Negro. Long treetop catwalks on stilts connect guests to two swimming pools amongst the trees, two ampitheaters, two restaurants, and four bars. The hotel also offers motorized canoe tours up the river and other adventures like piranha fishing. High-speed Internet is a plus.

From $400/night
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