These Are The Best Countries To See The Northern Lights

Seeing the Northern Lights is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences we can't wait to check off our travel bucket list. What can be more magical than watching nature's light show play out above your head? Plus, it makes for the most envy-inducing #travelgram.

The weather in the Arctics can be quite unpredictable, but the best time to witness the phenomenon in action is generally between September and March. However, for the spectrum of lights to be really visible to the eye, you'd have to head somewhere with clear skies and minimal light pollution. Iceland and Finland may be the first places that come to mind as prime locations for observing the Aurora Borealis, but there are a quite a few alternatives that can provide an equally awe-inspiring experience. Click ahead for a virtual escape of the most stunning places to see the sights.


Yellowknife is considered the Canadian destination with the most Aurora potential. The rays you'll be able to observe don't just come in green, but in shades of purple and red as well. Another location to consider is Berg Lake, though you'll need to trek up Mount Robson to reach it.

Thanks to this yearly phenomenon, Iceland has enjoyed a huge tourism boost. You can't get a more incredible vantage point than the Godafoss, a waterfall spanning 30 meters wide. Vik, a small town featuring black beaches and tumbling ocean waves, is another great viewing alternative.

With clear skies, snowcapped mountains, and low precipitation, Abisko National Park is the the ideal place to watch the lights dance above you. You should definitely consider pairing your trip with a stay at the Ice Hotel, and iconic accommodation constructed entirely from ice and snow.

The green light ribbons look even more breathtaking above Lofoten, a remote island of dramatic cliffs. Tromsø, a small town just North of the Arctic circle, is another popular destination for Aurora watchers.

The most well-known destination to enjoy the lights is Lapland, which also happens to be the official residence of Santa Claus. The best time to visit, according to a nature photographer, is in the early months of Fall or Spring, between September and October or March and April.

Yes, you can indeed see Northern Lights in Ireland. There's a good chance you can get great shots of the phenomenon at Donegal, the Northernmost county. Sightings have also been reported over The Giant's Causeway, the magnificent cluster of stair-shaped rocks formed from a volcanic eruption.

Greenland offers two distinctive Aurora experiences: You can spot them above the sharp icebergs at Ilulissat, or immerse yourself into the wilderness at Kangerlussuaq.
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