40 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes — Using Things You Already Own

Halloween is one of the best holidays for makeup lovers. When else do you have a seasonal excuse to break out glitter, neon shadows, and fake blood? Still, between meetings, long days, and work events, figuring out what to be for Halloween can turn from a fun, creative activity to a stressor fast — especially if you wait until mid-October to start brainstorming your look.

But there's actually some relief from the Halloween hell we've tossed ourselves into. YouTube is a veritable buffet of easy-to-follow Halloween makeup tutorials. Whether you're into being Eleven from Stranger Things, one of the many SnapChat filters, or a creepy werewolf, there's a tutorial in here for you using little more than makeup.

Click through our slideshow, and let the costume stress fade away. Halloween should be scary, but picking out your look definitely shouldn't be.

Just add some thick, black shadowing to your typical makeup, and you'll look like you leapt out of a comic book.
YouTuber Sarocha B shows us how to create not one, but three easy Halloween looks using common makeup products (think: brown eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and red lipstick).
Did you know you can turn yourself into an adorable deer with just white and black eyeliner and a touch of contour? Yep, it's that easy — just ask YouTuber Claudia Sulewski.
Halloween is the perfect opportunity to finally achieve your childhood dream of joining the Sailor Moon clan. Check out this tutorial to see how.
Grab a colorful wig from your local halloween shop and transform yourself into one of Lil' Kim's looks from her 1996 music video "Crush On You."
Two looks that'll set you back less than a movie ticket? Sign us up. YouTuber Jen Im created a shattered doll and panda costume using white and black liner and face paint.
Want a Halloween costume that will really have people scratching their heads? This floating head look is just the ticket.
There are two things you can do with some well-done Kiss makeup. You can either grab a gang of friends and go as the full band, or you can toss on a striped shirt and a beret and be a French Kiss.
Patrick Starr has the cutest Barbie makeup tutorial for all the guys and gals who want to dress up like your favorite childhood toy.
All these years later and we're still suckers for a Disney Princess costume. This Aurora makeup is pretty for Halloween and the rest of the year.
Sometimes, you'd rather be really damn cute over scary. If that's the case, we suggest Sadness from Inside Out.
This Eleven costume hits the Halloween trifecta: It's easy, recognizable, and it gives you the opportunity to walk around eating waffles all night. What more could you want?
Barbie is beautiful, but this melting version is delightfully dark.
There are only two seasons left of Game of Thrones, so now is the time to finally give that Khaleesi Halloween costume a go.
The rainbow-puke Snapchat filter is so last year. Instead, do yourself up like the unicorn.
Tap into your inner Greek mythology nerd with this awesome Medusa tutorial.
Own a bunch of leopard print? Throw it on and give this easy-to-follow look a whirl.
If you're going really last-minute, some strategically placed cobwebs with an all-black outfit can totally pass as a costume.
American Horror Story fans will flip over this costume inspired by Lady Gaga's character.
Does anything say "Halloween" more than a skeleton? And, because we were feeling generous, we're offering a version that takes half the time.
This pirate is a touch more glam that the typical swashbuckler, but we're okay with a little creative license for Halloween.
This smashed-up doll is delightfully creepy.
Everyone can paint on a few whiskers; this is how to really make your cat costume look pre-planned.
This trippy makeup looks even more realistic the more Halloween punch you drink.
Another one of our new favorite SnapChat filters? The adorable deer. You're on your own with the cutesy voice changer, though.
You know Harley Quinn is going to be a popular costume this year. Here's how to get the rotten look at home.
Embrace the pretty, pretty fairy you always wanted to be as a kid — but with a slightly creepier edge.
This cutesy bunny rabbit has some of the best highlighter we've ever seen.
Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas is an oldie but a goodie.
Want to go for something a bit more classic? Give this Cabaret tutorial a try.
In a world of Harley Quinns, be the Enchantress from Suicide Squad. (Or the girl from The Ring — they're not far off.)
Grab your buddy and bust out this Pokémon and Ivysaur couple's costume. (It helps if you can paint it on each other, we find.)
This badass Bride of Chucky is a '90s kid's dream (nightmare, actually).
Conspiracy theorists, this Illuminati-inspired tutorial is for you.
If you're planning an ode to David Bowie this Halloween, this Aladdin Sane makeup is perfect.
Is it just us, or does this werewolf have some seriously cut cheekbones?
For those who love a full face of makeup — and not much else — this cool-girl space alien tutorial is perfect.
If Ariel from The Little Mermaid were a beauty vlogger today, she'd look like this.
Whether you're a fan of the brown dog or the Dalmatian, this tutorial will help you ace the Snapchat dog filter.
If American Horror Story: Cult's newest campaign hasn't scared you into hiding from humanity until next season, might we suggest you recreate it for Halloween?
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