11 Women Share Their Favorite Place To Travel Alone

It's a well-known fact that millennials love to travel; we're more willing than other generations to prioritize current experiences and adventures over saving for retirement. But, while venturing outside of our home cities is usually exhilarating experience, it can also be an intimidating one — especially when traveling alone. Sure, solo travel is an enticing idea in theory; we are drawn to stories where people go on far-flung adventures without a companion. But in reality, we often find ourselves tiptoeing around the concept with trepidation instead of diving in with Eat, Pray, Love abandon. And while we can stock up on all the goods and gear to keep us organized on such journeys, actually planning out and committing to a trip is not quite as simple.

Which is exactly why we decided to say screw it to travel guides and get some real world advice instead: recommendations from successful solo-travelers. We asked millennial women across the country about the favorite trips they have taken alone, how they chose the spots, and why they fell in love with these places. So scroll on for some travel inspiration for first-time solo travelers and then dive in all by your damn self.

Port de Sóller, Mallorca, Spain

Occupation: Commercial Space Planning

Age: 26

Why She Chose It: "I was looking to find a place that could provide me with a balance of relaxing down time (preferably on the beach) with the optionality to explore new towns and meet new people. A spot where I could read a book but also find a 'scene' if I wanted. Mallorca seemed to offer it all."

What Made It So Special: "It exceeded all my expectations in its beauty, food, architecture, and culture. No better way to end a day of adventuring than watching the Spanish sunset with an Aperol Spritz in hand. It was honestly Paradise."

Rome, Italy

Name: Claire
Occupation: Head Of Brand Marketing
Age: 29

Why She Chose It: "Plenty of "must see sights" to occupy your days (Vatican Museum, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, etc.) and no frills Roman cooking for every meal. So I guess I didn't travel alone. I had my cacio e pepe and Aperol spritzers everywhere I went."

What Made It So Special: "There is nothing more romantic than romancing yourself. I mean that in the most badass way possible. I walked the streets of Rome at sunset, listening to my favorite music. I cried through a solo dinner at Roscioli, overwhelmed by the hospitality. Every time I felt a little hot, I stopped for gelato. It felt gritty, it felt foreign, but also, it felt like home."

San Francisco, California

Occupation: Functional Nutrition & Medicine
Age: 22

Why She Chose It: "Lots of active options for solo activities."

What Made It So Special: "Seeking out little places where communities of women were doing awesome things — it was easy to connect with others during the travels."

Prague, Czech Republic

Occupation: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse
Age: 27

Why She Chose It: "Safe for solo female travelers. Other cities that are close by. Able to take a bus to see multiple cities. Beautiful drive to other cities."

What Made It So Special: "Beautiful city with amazing history. Many sightseeing opportunities for each day. Including monuments, river cruises and walking tours. Amazing holiday street markets and festivals. Stayed in a hostel and met other solo travelers. Felt safe walking around by myself. Gives you a sense of independence in another country."

Sydney, Australia

Occupation: Law Student
Age: 23

Why She Chose It: "English-speaking country that's very easy to get around."

What Made It So Special: "SO much to see and do — felt really safe for a woman traveling alone."

SaPa, Vietnam

Occupation: Grad Student
Age: 28

Why She Chose It: “After traveling around bustling cities of South Asia for a few weeks, I wanted to go somewhere a bit more intimate and cooler (temperature-wise). SaPa, a small town located in northern Vietnam, was the perfect destination. Its awe-inspiring natural beauty and ample hiking trails also appealed to me.”

What Made It So Special: “SaPa is home to various tribal groups, including the Hmong, Dao, and Tay. Homestays are a popular lodging option for backpackers. Its signature rice fields and mountains were indeed awe-inspiring. If you visit during the rice harvesting season (September to early October), you can experience rice cutting. This serene city — surrounded by breathtaking nature — will humble you."

London, United Kingdom

Occupation: Data Analyst
Age: 24

Why She Chose It: "Cheap flight, knew a few people in the city, could work from an office there, lots of food/shopping/museums that I could visit alone."

What Made It So Special: "It felt comfortable and familiar, but new and exciting at the same time. Lots to do and see, did not feel weird being alone there since its such a livable city and so many people are on their own. Also easy to navigate and felt super safe."

Barcelona, Spain

Occupation: Tourism Marketing
Age: 23

Why She Chose It: "It’s a beautiful city with all the best attributes. It has a beach, great nightlife, and it’s modern yet historical."

What Made It So Special: "Everyone there was friendly and diverse. You meet people from all over the world there. Everyone Is very open and most people speak English. People there stay out late and sleep in until noon. They even take a siesta. The food is diverse and the city has many vegetarian options. It’s a very safe city and the public transportation system is fantastic."

Montreal, Canada

Occupation: Attorney
Age: 29

Why She Chose It: "Close enough to drive to from the U.S. but still felt like a getaway."

What Made It So Special: "I met two other solo female travelers and we had a great night together out in the city!"

Colorado, United States

Occupation: Vet
Age: 30

Why She Chose It: "Just went a few days early for a friend's wedding."

What Made It So Special: "Empowering feeling of being completely alone in the woods."

Barcelona, Spain

Occupation: Technology
Age: 31

Why She Chose It: "Honestly, a healthy obsession with Anthony Bourdain travel shows on which Barcelona had been featured."

What Made It So Special: "Again, I was there for the food, and I felt so comfortable eating alone and exploring by myself the entire trip. I'm vegetarian, and there were several amazing vegetarian restaurants I loved. It was awesome to not have to stumble through a language barrier to explain that I don't eat meat."
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